About Us

​Product EVO is a USA and China based product development company. We help Product Teams, Small Business, and Entrepreneurs confidently develop and manufacture the right products that customers love.

We’re passionate about helping people who want to live bigger, draw outside the lines, and add massive value to the world through their unique talents and creativity.  We provide clarity, proven processes, and a team of experts to overcome challenges and help these movers and shakers produce high-quality products that really make an impact for the people that use them.

Our mission is to help 3000 entrepreneurs bring their new products to market and scale their production by 2024.

Our Team
Tony Peng
Quality Control Engineer / Iron Man
Kris Sidwell
Product Manager / Ping Pong Ninja
Paul Jaussi
Product Manager / BirdMan
Stephen Stewart
Founding Partner / Trail Boss
Josh Taylor
Founder / Surfer Dude
Sarah Pongos
Executive Assistant / Music Junkie
Fred Hu
Engineer / Power Ranger
Jeff Stewart
CFO / Sharp Shooter
Dan Stewart
Board Member / Cycling Aviator
Ashley Phillips
Accounting / Workout Queen