It’s Not Just A Product. It’s Your Legacy. We Make Sure Your Product Is Done Right.

Sometimes the hardest part about developing the right new products is knowing where to start. We make it simple with a time-tested path to success. Each step in the process builds on the one that came before it.

By the end, you’ll have a fully manufactured product delivered to your warehouse that works exactly the way you want it to.

The Path To Great Products Starts Here.



Powerful Insights


We start by reviewing your concept. You may have a sketch on a napkin, CAD drawings, or a completed prototype. We work with whatever you have to begin your Product Reality Check™. This gives you concrete answers about the unit cost and total development cost and timeline. We’ll also provide you with DFM feedback and share ideas for improvements and cost savings for your product.


We help you create a product strategy using our EVO Product Canvas™. This document will communicate your product vision to all stakeholders. It will outline the high-level goals of your product and begins to plan the work needed to develop it. It is an incredibly valuable guide through the complex, non-linear process of product development.


By utilizing our Spark Product Audit™, we help you identify opportunities to expand the impact your product makes for you and your customers. We look at four key categories including Spark, Desire, Function, and Impact. From there, we help you refine your Product Strategy to prioritize the right features that your customers will love.



Working Prototypes


We help you define product goals, reduce risk, and refine your concept. Then we help you write product specifications. These will guide all stakeholders through the complex, non-linear process of product development. Then we create a custom Product Roadmap to get your product to market.


After carefully reviewing the details of your project, we use our Right Fit Sourcing™ process to match your product to the best factory. We consider capabilities, size, price, schedule, and sustainability. We have a well-established network of manufacturers in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Korea that are quality conscious and cost-friendly.


During development, we go through several design sprints to design, build, and test different iterations of your product. We develop the processes required for manufacturing your unique product. This includes creating the molds, processes, and specs required for manufacturing. The goal is to develop a final golden sample and prepare to manufacture your product at scale.



Quality Products


We create a custom QC plan for your project based on everything we learned during product development. To ensure the best possible outcome, we’ll create a production schedule to track production and perform QC checks at the right moments.  We’ll provide reports to you and give you visibility into production. We give you opportunities to sign off on key steps that you might not have had before. When production is complete, we conduct a Final Random QC inspection and prepare for shipment.


We move from a golden sample to mass production with good quality. Our project managers use the Quality Management System to run your project. When issues inevitably come up, we’ll help you identify tradeoffs and make the best decisions for your product.


When you’ve approved your product for shipping, we arrange the transportation and export from the country of origin.  We work with you to choose the best shipping method. Then we help with customs and importing so we can arrange final delivery to your warehouse.



Future Performance


Our goal is to manufacture ever higher quality products more consistently. We will help you develop KPI's and reporting tools to track feedback from the users of your product. We can use this data to be proactive about finding ways to improve and wow customers.


We will learn a lot during Pilot Production. We use that to keep improving the manufacturing processes. We continue improving your materials, design, and Quality Management system. Our goal is to improve the quality of your product every time we run production. Ultimately, we want your product to destroy all of your competitors, create raving fans, and become an industry leader.


We seek out ways to lower costs, improve quality, shorten lead times, and negotiate better terms. We want to completely offload manufacturing for you.  We want to get to the point where you simply send an email to order and you're done. You will have entirely leveraged your time and have this part of your business dialed in.