I started Product EVO to help entrepreneurs develop and manufacture amazing outdoor products. I've always felt a deep connection to nature. I wanted to build a company that would keep me close to it and helps more people discover it.

We've grown beyond our original roots of outdoor gear, but the love of nature remains a part of our heritage.  

Now, we're on a mission to become the best resource for sustainable manufacturing in Asia for Entrepreneurs, Product Teams, and Small Businesses. We're doing more thorough audits, choosing better materials, using more efficient processes, and investing with factories in equipment that reduces harmful waste.

The Stories We Tell

We believe the products we develop tell a story. From the effort you put into the design and usability, to the materials you choose, to the well-being of the people making your product, there is a story about your values in every product you create. We want to help you tell great stories.

Ultimately, sustainable manufacturing respects the planet and its people. When you choose to work with us and make conscious decisions about your product, you are propelling sustainable manufacturing forward. You are casting a vote for our planet and inspiring others to do the same.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire, educate, and guide you to make environmentally sustainable choices that allow your product to perform correctly and reach target margins for long term success.

One Thing At A Time

Small changes still make progress. What's the impact of changing one package from plastic to recycled cardboard? Replacing styrofoam with recyclable packing material? Working with a factory that is genuinely compliant with local environmental regulations? Even the smallest changes add up.

Progress Not Perfection

We're just getting started in this, and we know we are far from perfect. But we know we can do better. We're committed to improving. We're committed to bringing simple, cost-effective opportunities to our clients to make it easier for them to improve. Ultimately, we choose to focus on progress and continue making improvements each year. Little things add up. With every conscious decision, we reduce the impact we have on the planet.

Taking Action
We do this by investing in clients and factories who are committed to making meaningful changes in the way products are made. Our pledge is to make steady progress by:

Finding and working with factories that comply with local environmental policies.


Discovering cleaner materials and processes that can be used for manufacturing.


Making simple but effective decisions about materials, methods, and packaging options to reduce impact.


Working alongside our clients to create well-designed, durable products that can be used for years.


When possible, investing with factories to improve their ability to use more sustainable manufacturing methods.