Rapid Product Development Case Study

From Concept to Manufactured Product in Less Than 90 Days

Rapid Product Development Case Study

From Concept to Manufactured Product in Less Than 90 Days

Rapid New Product Development

Our client wanted to enter a brand new market with a new product by the end of the year.  To do that, they would need to design, develop, manufacture, and ship a new product in under 90 days.

The Product EVO team guided our client through the Elevate Method™. We helped them gain clarity and develop a product strategy. Then we sourced the right factory, manufactured, and shipped the product all within the required timeframe.


Testing A Brand New Market With Minimum Risk

The Product EVO team first helped our client Discover Powerful Insights to gain total clarity on what they hoped to accomplish. They needed a low-risk Minimum Viable Product to test a brand new market for their company. We helped our client document very specific goals that allowed us to quickly and accurately do a Product Reality Check™ for their concept. We provided realistic costing, development, and production schedules.  Then we created a product strategy specifically for their small MOQ. This was key to help our client launch their product within the required timeframe. We also helped them save substantial cost on tooling over what they were planning.


Develop Working Prototypes

The Product EVO team next worked with our client to develop working prototypes. Our experienced sourcing team used our Right Fit Sourcing™ process to choose the perfect factory for this project.

We had to find a factory that had the necessary equipment and processes to produce a high-quality part while still accepting a low MOQ. The factory also had to have access to the raw materials we needed and have open molds available for a product that the client loved! All this while hitting our target price and confirming our required timeframe.  

Within 15 days, our client was holding a custom prototype. We helped our client document all the points that needed to be improved. Our detailed documentation helped us produce a final, pre-production prototype in just one more round. Within six weeks of contacting us, our client had a golden sample in hand and their product was in production!


Continuous Improvement

Our client’s products arrived on-time and we were able to debrief the first round of production with them. The products conformed to QC standards, but we found a few of the products that had alignment issues with the two-color silkscreen process.  We found a new printing method that exceeded the original quality standards. We then worked with our factory and developed new samples for the next production round.


The Power of Clear Goals

Throughout the process, it really helped to be aligned on clear, documented goals. When opportunities and challenges arose, we were able to make good decisions that delivered the best possible product within the budget and schedule that had to be met.


A Powerful Launch

We delivered 3,000 units of a brand new product on time and our client was able to launch the product with pre-scheduled media that reached over 6 million viewers. It was a powerful start for his new product line.

Our Elevate Method™ allowed are client to:

  1. Get one-on-one feedback for an experienced professional to help you consider different viewpoints.
  2. Dive deep into your product strategy with thought-provoking questions.
  3. Gain clarity and confidence about your product, strategy, and roadmap.
  4. Leave with a plan you can immediately implement and tools to help align your team.