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95% of New Products Fail Because Most Underestimate the Complexity

It's common to create an unrealistic plan, budget, timeline, and step sequence. We understand how difficult it can be to align stakeholders with different goals. We know the managment challenges that come with bringing a new product to market or to fix overseas manufacturing issues. Time and money can be lost. Quality can suffer. And, costs can escalate.

Eliminate Complexity with
The Elevate Method™

Our Industry-Leading 6-Phase Product Development System

Our product development system has been battle-tested with some of the most challenging products on the market. It is the cornerstone for how we server our partners and ensure manufacturing success. We plan for contingencies, set realistic expectations, budgets and schedules to beat the odds. We’re here to help you achieve predictable success.

Create a Product Strategy

95% of new products fail. Beat the odds. We know that product strategy is often sacrificed for lack of time or know how. Yet a solid strategy is essential for product success. We'll help you identify your best idea and turn it into a top-tier, revenue producing product. Next, we'll create a customer-centric strategy from research (not assumptions) in just four weeks. You'll have a plan that tells you where your quick wins are. Create total alignment with your team.

Develop New Physical Products

Looking to bring a new product to life or have an idea and not sure where to begin? Our team of experts can help you create a lean product strategy, validate, cost, prototype, source materials, test, and more! Leverage our years of expertise and commitment to excellence to bring your products to market quickly!

Create Prototypes And Source Materials

If you have CAD drawings, a fully flushed out tech pack, or even a back of the napkin sketch, we can help you source materials and create prototypes to ensure that your product(s) meet or exceed your standards before production. Our industry leading prototyping process will allow you to save money on tooling costs, and streamline manufacturing.

Streamline Factory Selection And Lower Tooling Costs

We partner with hundreds of factories overseas to help provide support for production and subassembly manufacturing. When the time comes to find to select your factory, our Right Fit Factory™ process will ensure that we're working with the right partner to get your products made to spec, and in your customer's hands with the highest quality and reliability in the industry. No need to stay up late talking to your factory to get answers, our global team of experts has you covered.

Perform In-Person Factory Audits And Quality Checks

Having issues with your overseas factory? You're not alone. We know how important it is to be aligned with the right factory. There are many steps that you can take to improve your production before making a switch. Our team can be your eyes and ears by performing a series of audits to help diagnose and fix any production issues. Our audits are thorough and our defect rates are well below industry benchmarks and yours should be too!

Mitigate Manufacturing And Production Issues When Demand Increases

Running out of inventory is a big deal. Not only are your customers forced to purchase from your competitors, but it interrupts marketing and advertising efforts as well. Production planning can be a challenge especially if you are new to overseas manufacturing. Don't get blindsided by planned factory shutdowns or sudden influxes of demand for your products that may lead to months of inventory and revenue loss. Allow us to help your plan your production so that you're making the right capital investments into your products that will support your businesses growth.

Develop Successful Products
That Grow Your Business

With Our Expertise

  • 5.6 million products delivered

  • 1037 new products and counting

  • 17 years of expertise

  • Less than .05% defect rate

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Product Evo Specializes in Manufactuing For Several Industries and Production Types Including:

  • Health and Medical

  • Sports, Fitness, and Outdoor

  • Consumer Tech

  • Housewares and Kitchenwares

  • Consumer Goods

  • And Many More...

Production, Manufacturing, and Subassembly Capabilities

Scroll over the blocks below to see some titles of the amazing things we can do.

  • Zinc Alloy Casting

  • TPU Overmolding

  • Production and Assembly

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Package Manufacturing

  • PCBA Manufacturing

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Injection Mold Manufacturing

  • Hydroforming

  • Deep Draw Metal Stamping

  • Cut and Sew

  • CNC Machining

  • Backpack Manufacturing

  • Aluminum Forging

  • Aluminum Extrusion

  • Aluminum Casting

Start Your Journey With a Strategy Call

Clarify Your Goals and Identify Your Next Steps

What Makes The Product Strategy Call So Special?

It's All About The Feedback.

On the call, you'll get live feedback to clarify your goals, sharpen your strategy, and start your product roadmap.

  1. 01

    Get one-on-one feedback for an experienced professional to help you consider different viewpoints.

  2. 02

    Dive deep into your product strategy with thought-provoking questions.

  3. 03

    Gain clarity and confidence about your product, strategy, and roadmap.

  4. 04

    Leave with a plan you can immediately implement and tools to help align your team.

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Founded By Three Friends Who Love The Outdoors

  • Josh Taylor

    Founder / Surfer Dude

  • Jeff Stewart

    CFO / Sharp Shooter

  • Stephen Stewart

    Founding Partner / Trail Boss

We started Product EVO as a way to help outdoor companies build products we were passionate about. Now we use the system we have developed to help people in many different industries. We continue to follow our passion for the outdoors by helping the planet through sustainable manufacturing.

Our mission is to help 3,500 busy innovators predictably develop and manufacture successful new products by 2025.

One of the best ways we can help with that mission is to support innovators just like you through product development by applying design thinking, creating lean product strategies, and leveraging unique ability for exponential impact.

Sustainability Remains One Of Our Core Values

Even though we've grown beyond our original roots of outdoor gear, the love of nature remains a part of our heritage.

While many companies struggle to just meet quality requirements in China, we aim for a higher standard. Good quality is our baseline. Sustainability is our goal.

We do this by helping our clients become aware of sustainable options and design choices they have. We work hard to find the best suppliers by doing more thorough audits, choosing better materials, using more efficient processes, and collaborating with factories that have invested in equipment to reduces harmful waste.

Our pledge is to make steady progress by:

  1. 01

    Finding and working with factories that comply with local environmental policies.

  2. 02

    Discovering cleaner materials and processes that can be used for manufacturing.

  3. 03

    Making simple but effective decisions about materials, methods, and packaging options to reduce impact.

  4. 04

    Working alongside our clients to create well-designed, durable products that can be used for years.

  5. 05

    When possible, investing with factories to improve their ability to use more sustainable manufacturing methods.

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  • "Product EVO makes international production sourcing as painless as it can get."

    Andrew Lees
    President, Stoke Ventures

  • "Product EVO's team is smart, creative, and had the experience and resources to get us back on track."

    Fred Goldfarb
    Founder, Tailgator Technologies

  • "Product EVO has a highly driven and detail oriented team ofproblem solvers."

    Casey Niederhauser
    Designer, Publicus Sapient

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