Product Evo Capabilities Physical Product Production, Manufacturing & Subassembly Capabilities

We have nearly two decades of experience manufacturing products and long-term relationships with our factory partners. Our team of expert product managers in the USA and Asia put in the work, creativity, and focus on solving hard problems in order to develop and manufacture high-quality products. We use our battle-tested process to manage.

Product EVO has helped hundreds of companies confidently develop the right products.

Products delivered

5.6 million

New products


Years of expertise

17 years

Less than .05% defect rate

<0.005 %

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Product Evo Specializes in Manufactuing For Several Industries and Production Types Our Production, Manufacturing, and Subassembly Capabilities

We support innovators like you through product development, design thinking, creative lean product strategies & leveraging our unique ability for exponential impact. See some of the amazing things we can do.

Zinc Alloy Casting

Production and Assembly

Plastic Injection Molding

Package Manufacturing

CNC Machining

Deep Draw Metal Stamping

Aluminum Casting

Backpack Manufacturing

TPU Overmolding

Industries ServedSpecializing in manufacturing for several industries and production types.

  • Hardware & Building Materials
  • Sports, Fitness & Outdoor
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Housewares & Kitchenwares
  • Consumer Goods
  • And many more...

Select Case StudiesSee how we've helped companies just like yours.

  1. Product differentiation for the win.

    Data-backed insights uncovered key features & clear product strategy for a winning product in a competitive market.

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  2. Intuitive design meets a need & sparks momentum.

    We got clear on how this smart watch had to deliver with iterative prototyping focused on achieving clear product goals.

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Product EVO Testimonials

  • “Super amazing and helpful! Product EVO is the place to go for your ideas and how to get them launched into the real world. I've worked with them for years and appreciate their expertise, knowledge and ability to lay out my options for taking my design to market. Thank you guys!”

    Eric Baird
  • “Just completed my first inventory run with Product EVO. These guys are great and took me through design, prototyping and now first run of product. They handled all aspects including importation. Really excited to launch my new business and could not have done it without these guys. A must for any new inventor.”

    Curt Kramer
  • “I loved working with Josh and his team during the Product EVO. They had valuable insights, tools to use, and a knowledge that you come away with feeling like you have years of experience under your belt! Thank you for such a good experience, I can't wait to put everything into action!”

    Marion Tidwell