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The problemThe #1 new product killer is lack of market.

The #1 reason products fail according to the Harvard Business Review is “No market research on the product or market has been done.” As companies grow, it's harder for the founder and product managers to find time to be as strategic as they want. This makes it harder to identify what the market wants and needs.

Our solutionThe Elevated Product Method™ brings key components of the product development process into total alignment.

Successful products require intentional product research, planning, and execution in these key areas:

  1. NeedVerified market need.
  2. PerformanceConsistently provides the promised result.
  3. MarketThe target market is visable.
  4. CostsCosts allow you to earn enough profit at scale.
  5. ResourcesAccess to the required resources.
  6. AdvantageUnique advantage that can be leveraged for success.
  7. MessageVerified market need.
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Product EVO has helped hundreds of companies confidently develop the right products.

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Our company by the numbers

Products delivered

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Years of expertise

17 years

Less than .05% defect rate

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New Product Development Services

Bringing you ease, efficiency, and expertise for informed, iterative product development.

  1. Discover

    Product Discovery & Market Research

    Guided market research to help your team discover data-backed insights on unmet customer needs and identify your sustainable competitive advantages and brand-growth opportunities.

  2. Strategize

    Product Strategy

    We run workshops to help you and your team develop a high-level strategic vision of your right product for profitable business growth. From there, we create an effective, informed development roadmap.

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  3. Design

    Product Design

    Based on your product strategy we develop your key feature set and provide design support to ensure your design meets both your strategic vision and product goals.

  4. Source

    Manufacturer Sourcing

    We source a trusted high quality overseas manufacturer with the right equipment and processes, as well as source your materials, components, and packaging.

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  5. Outlook

    Profitability Outlook

    Managing iterative factory quoting and product feature refinement, we provide manufacturing with feedback to maximize product value and achieve the lowest possible cost.

  6. Prototype

    Iterative Prototyping

    From early stage rapid to functional manufacturing prototypes, we manage the whole process ensuring all goals are achieved while saving money along the way.

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  7. Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We provide ongoing requirements to management while we work with your team and factory to prioritize and agree on the quality requirements that will be met during manufacturing.

  8. Manufacture

    Manufacturing Operations Management

    Your US-based project manager works with our team overseas to optimize quality and efficiency and manage the end-to-end manufacturing process.

  9. Supply

    Supply Chain Management

    We manage your ongoing orders, production schedules, shipping logistics, factory performance management, and pricing from the first to the twenty-first production run, and beyond.

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Industries ServedSpecializing in manufacturing for several industries and production types.

  • Hardware & Building Materials
  • Sports, Fitness & Outdoor
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Housewares & Kitchenwares
  • Consumer Goods
  • And many more...

Product Evo Specializes in Manufactuing For Several Industries and Production Types Our Production, Manufacturing, and Subassembly Capabilities

We support innovators like you through product development, design thinking, creative lean product strategies & leveraging our unique ability for exponential impact. See some of the amazing things we can do.

Zinc Alloy Casting

Production and Assembly

Plastic Injection Molding

Package Manufacturing

CNC Machining

Deep Draw Metal Stamping

Aluminum Casting

Backpack Manufacturing

TPU Overmolding

Founded by three friends who love the outdoors.

We started Product EVO as a way to help outdoor companies build products we were passionate about. Now we use the system we have developed to help people in many different industries. We continue to follow our passion for the outdoors by helping the planet through sustainable manufacturing.

Our mission is to help 150 busy founders and product managers predictably develop and manufacture successful new products by 2025.
One of the best ways we can help with that mission is to support innovators just like you through product development by applying design thinking, creating lean product strategies, and leveraging unique ability for exponential impact.

  • Josh Taylor, Founder
    & Surfer Dude

  • Stephen Stewart, CFO
    & Trail Boss

  • Jeff Stewart, CFO
    & Sharp Shooter

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  1. Product differentiation for the win.

    Data-backed insights uncovered key features & clear product strategy for a winning product in a competitive market.

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  2. Intuitive design meets a need & sparks momentum.

    We got clear on how this smart watch had to deliver with iterative prototyping focused on achieving clear product goals.

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