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From seeing if your new product will connect with consumers, to sourcing the right overseas factory, to iterative prototyping, to going into production, we can help you with all (or any) of it. Get help wherever you need it and leverage our end-to-end expert advantage.

Industries served Specializing in manufacturing for several industries and production types.

  • Health & Medical
  • Hardware & Building Materials
  • Sports, Fitness & Outdoor
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Housewares & Kitchenwares
  • Consumer Goods
  • And many more..

Our solution Launch New Products That Maximize Your Sales Potential Without Wasting Limited Resources

Without a healthy business, you can't work towards your larger goals. That's why it's important to be efficient with new product development and invest in winning products.

But developing a successful new product doesn't have to be a gamble. Creating successful new products is simply the process of bringing 7 essential elements of successful new products into total alignment.

  1. NeedVerified market need.
  2. PerformanceConsistently provides the promised result.
  3. MarketThe target market is visable.
  4. CostsCosts allow you to earn enough profit at scale.
  5. ResourcesAccess to the required resources.
  6. AdvantageUnique advantage that can be leveraged for success.
  7. MessageVerified market need.

Our Cornerstone for Predictable Success Beat the odds with the
Elevated Product Method™.

Our product development system is the cornerstone for how we ensure predictable success. The Elevated Product Method™ ensures your product will be manufactured with high quality and a high performer in the market. You will save time, money, and beat the odds. We don't just make products. We make successful products.

Phase 01 Phase 01: Elevated Product Discovery

Your innovative idea becomes a proven concept before you begin paying for expensive development.


Market Research

Our approach to Market Research is with small businesses in mind. We provide insights backed by data about those who might want to buy your product. It helps ensure your product is what they want and validates the size of the market opportunity.


Product Strategy

We use your research to define your sustainable competitive advantage. Then we create a strategic vision for the right product for profitable business growth. From there, we create your development roadmap to keep your teams aligned.


Product Design Support

Based on your product strategy, we draft your key feature set and product requirements and provide design support to make sure the design meets your strategic vision and product goals.

Phase 02 Phase 02: Elevated Product Development

Your proven concept becomes ready for mass production with a viable business model.


Factory Sourcing

We find your factory, a trusted high quality overseas maufacturer with the right equipment and processes, and source your materials and subassemblies while protecting your IP.


Profitability Outlook

Managing iterative factory quoting and product feature refinement, we maximize your product value and provide manufacturing feedback to engineer your product to meet your target costs.


Iterative Prototyping

From early-stage rapid to functional manufacturing prototypes, we manage the whole process ensuring all goals are achieved before production and save you money too.

Phase 03 Phase 03: Elevated Product Development

Your proven concept becomes ready for mass production with a viable business model.


Quality Control

We provide ongoing requirements to management as we work with your team and factory to prioritize and agree on the quality requirements that will be met during manufacturing.


Manufacturing Operations Management

Your US-based project manager works with our local team with boots on the ground to manage the end-to-end manufacturing process to optimize quality and efficiency.


Supply Chain Management

We manage your ongoing orders, production sched-ules, shipping logistics, factory performance manage-ment, and pricing from the first to the twenty-first production run, and onwards.

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