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Forget the frustration. Our team of US Based experts are here to help you find the perfect factory to manufacture your product.

Our Approach The EVO Method of Sourcing Factories

With more than 17 years' experience in the industry, we know effectively communicating with an overseas factory can be frustrating, and remotely fixing manufacturing problems can feel impossible. We get it. Due dilligence and carefully sourcing the overseas factories we work with is our SOP.

The Product EVO approach to factory sourcing:

Protecting your IP is a primary concern. Sending a single sub-assembly, a product similar to yours, or a 2D design for initial quoting, rather than your IP, are some of the ways we work to safeguard your IP.

We practice a "show me" rather than "tell me" policy. Weeding out factories who cannot do the work is part of the process. Those who show and provide quality product can move on to the shortlist, granted they meet our other criteria.

We're fact finders. China is rife with trading companies pretending to be factories. We make it our business to know who we're working with and what their capabilities are.

We're selective. We expect a lot from the overseas factories we work with. We carefully source factories based on their capabilties and any former track record with us. We then whittle the prospects down to a shortlist of highly-qualified manufacturers. Typically less than 5 will receive an RFQ (Request for Quote).

Apart from capabilities, we test the relationship. Can they communicate. Do they do what they committed to?

Do It Right From The Start Outcomes When Factory Sourcing Fails...

Not working with the right factory for your new product can result in problematic outcomes:

  • Shrinking profit margins and rising production costs.
  • Manufacturing defects, poor product reviews, and product returns.
  • Concerns are not taken into account.
  • Little to no communication on need-to-know issues.
  • No help finding solutions and fixing problems.
  • Brand image suffers.

Instead, do it right from the start. With Product EVO's expert factory sourcing services, you can bringa product people want to market with less stress and need for damage control.

BenefitsThe Benefits of Factory Sourcing with ProductEVO

Don't lose precious time and money. Source a factory who can meet your unique product specifications and execute those critical details.

  1. 01

    Mitigate the frustration and overwhelm.

    Strong communication is fundamental. We work only with those who have the will and ability to comm-unicate well, deliver on time, and demonstrate value.

  2. 02

    Know your overseas factory is qualified at manufacturing your product.

    Your product goals and essential features are key. We ensure the factory who produces your product is experienced at working with the same materials and have a deft knowledge of the processes.

  3. 03

    Lower the cost of manufacturing your new product.

    As experts in new product development, we know what the costs should be. We quote several highly-qualified factories and use our expertise and leverage to lower the cost of manufacturing your new product.

  4. 04

    Get your new product to market faster with rapid end-to-end production.

    Shorten the development timeline with the right team of product managers, designers, and overseas production specialists in your corner. Confidently go from product idea to products in the market and grow faster.

Think You're Ready? Ready to get your product into production?

Product EVO has helped hundreds of companies confidently develop the right products.

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Years of expertise

17 years

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Our Values and Pledge Sustainability Remains One of Our Core Values

Even though we've grown beyond our original roots of outdoor gear, the love of nature remains a part of our heritage.

While many companies struggle to just meet quality requirements in China, we aim for a higher standard. Good quality is our baseline. Sustainability is our goal.

We do this by helping our clients become aware of the sustainable options and design choices they have. We work hard to find the best suppliers by doing more thorough audits, choosing better materials, using more efficient processes, and collaborating with factories that have invested in equipment that reduces harmful waste.

Our pledge is to make steady progress by:

  • Finding and working with factories that comply with local environmental policies.
  • Discovering cleaner materials and processes that can be used for manufacturing.
  • Making simple but effective decisions about materials, methods, and packaging options to reduce impact.
  • Working alongside our clients to create well-designed, durable products that can be used for years.
  • When possible, investing with factories to improve their ability to use more sustainable manufacturing methods.

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