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Informed function & design for products that deliver what others can't.

Save time and money New Product Prototyping

Our unique prototyping services save you both time and money.

Create the right prototype for your customer-centric product.With both qualitative and quantitative market research, you will know who your customers are and what they want in the product you're creating.

Equipped with solid data and research on the features consumers in your niche want, and whereyour competitors fall short, you can build the product that sets you on path for profitable growth and longterm gains. From early stage rapid to functional manufacturing prototypes, we manage the whole process to ensure all product goals are achieved before going into production.

Our Focused ProcessNo Guesswork: Product Prototype Services for Knowledgable Form, Function & Design

Once you've identified the essential product features your product must have to meet consumers' wants and needs, a focused prototyping process founded on real insights and real data can begin.

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    No tunnel vision.

    Individual creators as well as entire companies can get locked into envisioning their product one way. We are objective and agile partners who show you the possibilities.

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    Confidently test your product for production.

    Validate or modify your product idea through smart, cost-efficient prototyping. We work with you to develop a prototype that delivers proof of concept and tests form, function, and the "buyability" of your product.

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    Lower the cost and time of developing your new product prototype.

    Communication is at the bedrock of our approach. We help you save money and time during the prototyping process.

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    Rapid prototype services for rapid new product development.

    Identify quick wins to shorten your product development timeline. Move fast with total clarity about your essential product features to win the market.

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    Clear, aligned goals, deadlines & experts in your corner.

    We work to get clear on your goals. We document them and use our expertise to save cost, manage every phase of the prototyping process, and deliver your product prototype on time.

Get Your Prototypes Get Your Prototypes In Hand

Our team of US-based overseas manufacturing experts are here to help. Get a fullscale, fully functional working prototype along with valuable insights. We just need a few details, and we can get started.

Our Approach Smart Rapid Prototyping Based On Discovery, Product Strategy, and Competitor Research

When you've asked the right questions at the right stages in the product development process, you can glean those insights to know exactly which essential features set your product apart.

Make informed, cost-effective choices on iteration for further proof of concept development.

With Product EVO, get your developed-and-researched product idea realized in a proof of concept prototype to correctly assess functionality and viabiity.

  • Qualitative and quantitative feedback on concept and feature set
  • First stage messaging feedback
  • Know your niche's likelihood of buying this specific product

Do It Right From The Start Outcomes When Prototyping Process Fails...

Without detailed product goals and thorough knowledge of essential features, making an effective prototype is little more than guesswork, resulting in:

  • A poorly designed product.
  • Product defects.
  • Manufacturing problems.
  • Stalling growth.
  • Low ROI.
  • Slow-moving inventory.
  • Stalling growth.

Instead, do it right from the start. With Product EVO's design thinking and agile development, you can design a product people want and position it for success.

Product EVO has helped hundreds of companies confidently develop the right products.

Products delivered

5.6 million

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17 years

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